Monday, January 2, 2012

Essentialy British

Hi from Baldhead after long. In office- a lazy afternoon of the first day at work on a new year, with a thought (not a resolution) of restarting the blogging habit .

Sharing some info, collected as a part of trend research - Mr. Jeremy Hackett and his Essentially British - Hackett London.

Mr. Hackett, the self-styled “Mr. Classic” who has published a book of whimsical comments on the British male’s sartorial habits, is the prime example of the latest trend in menswear: inventing heritage.

“Most people think the business was built by my grandfather or father,” he says. “For heritage, people believe you had to be around for 100 years.”

Hackett, the purveyor of stylish men’s clothes designed not to frighten the horses, upset a boss or alarm a bank manager, was founded in 1983 by Jeremy Hackett and Ashley Lloyd-Jennings, whose day jobs were as salesmen in Savile Row, London’s tailoring mecca.

So, this essentially British brand - as Jeremy Hackett says - is evolutionary not revolutionary.
Sharing some Hackett's recent shoots, very aspirational but rooted. Baldhead has more reasons to love Hackett as they have always been partnering and promoting Sports - Polo, Motoracing , ATP's.

Its time for baldhead to get back to work and more of trend researching and hacketting. He knows that this was an abrupt ending and not a well compiled post but just wanted to get started.....

good year to all.